"Make the most memories of every day because no one is promised tomorrow," the boy's mother, Cher Holt, said

By Tiare Dunlap
October 05, 2015 05:20 PM

When 7-year-old Spencer Holt spent the day leading a police squad against a horde of attacking zombies, being sick was the furthest thing from his mind.

The young boy from New Port Richey, Florida, suffers from mitochondrial disease, which is an incurable and fatal illness that causes damage to the body’s cells.

“There’s no cure for it, no timeline for how long of what his future holds,” his mother Cher Holt told Fox 13. “We just live day by day.”

When local deputies from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office learned about Spencer and his love of all things zombies and law enforcement, they decided to combine his two passions into one unforgettable day.

The deputies recruited 50 volunteers from the drama clubs of two local high schools to pose as zombies and invited Spencer and his family for a visit to the station.

“You’ve got to have courage in the tough times and good times,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told Spencer when he arrived at the station, WFLA reports.

Then, out of nowhere, a sergeant in full camouflage burst through the door and told Spencer, “Zombies overran the jail today. We can t hold them back! We need help.”

Nocco asked Spencer for help in drawing up a plan and provided him with a badge and a foam dart gun.

With help from SWAT members and a K-9 unit, Spencer fearlessly cleared the building of zombies, smiling from ear to ear.

Then, six deputies performed a dance routine to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” in a moment Sherriff Nocco told WFLA he and his deputies will never forget. “As much as this meant to him, I think it meant a lot more to us,” he said.

“This is what I treasure, the good days,” Cher told Fox 13. “Make the most memories of every day because no one is promised tomorrow.”