But first the middle child of seven and new Miss America needs to plan her 18th birthday!
Credit: Steve Marcus/Reuters/Landov

The world already knows that at 17, Teresa Scanlan is the youngest woman to be crowned Miss America since Bette Cooper in 1937. But there’s a lot more to know about this poised pageant winner:

She’s Aiming for the White House
The Nebraska-born beauty wants to attend law school, with dreams of someday becoming a Supreme Court Judge. From there, she has plans to set herself up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., as president of the United States. “I certainly hope” to become president someday, she told the Las Vegas Sun. But since one can’t run for that office until the age of 35, she admits, “I’ve got another lifetime to wait.”

She Doesn’t Hide her Dedication to Religion
On her blog, Scanlan writes about praying before a pageant, and shares how she found comfort in competing: “When I found pageantry, I realized that God had prepared me for this competition by creating me to love diversity, and here was the place I could use the talents He had given me.” She later told Fox & Friends she knows many people won’t agree with her take on things, and is prepared to be criticized for her beliefs. “I respect all of those ideas and different people,” she said, adding that “I don’t want to focus on the criticism.”

She Was Home Schooled
“They really sacrificed a lot to do what they did,” Scanlan says of her parents’ decision to home school their kids (she’s the middle of seven children). She was at home through her junior year of high school, when she attended Gering High School part-time. Her favorite subject? “Probably government and those [types of] classes,” she told Fox & Friends.

She’s Single
When asked if she was dating anyone, she said “no” with the wry comment, “17-year- old boys? Enough said.”

She’s Got Big Plans for her 18th Birthday
She’s got a big job ahead of her, but she’s still a teenager who wants to have a little fun. She’ll celebrate her 18th birthday Feb. 6, over Super Bowl weekend in Dallas, according to the Las Vegas Sun. Speaking of age, she’s two full years older than the youngest Miss America winners. Back in 1921, the first year the pageant was held, Margaret Gorman of the District of Columbia won at age 15. In 1937, Bette Cooper also won at the age of 15.