"I'm not sure if he remembers he has eight children back in Pennsylvania," the ex-girlfriend tells PEOPLE

By Suzanne Zuckerman
Updated January 08, 2010 01:30 PM
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Is Jon Gosselin once again finding solace in the arms of a new woman?

According to Internet reports, Gosselin is already dating again – having hooked up with a woman named Morgan he met while skiing in Utah. “He’s a guy who doesn’t like to be alone,” says a source close to the father of eight. “He has a girl that he likes, but they have been taking things very slow.”

Also moving slowly? Gosselin’s plans to settle his differences with ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman, who allegedly trashed the Manhattan apartment they shared, according to his attorney Mark Jay Heller, and whom Jon is accused of shoving during a pre-holiday argument.

No Meeting, So Far

Despite reports to the contrary, Glassman and Gosselin have yet to meet, says her lawyer Stephanie Ovadia. Perhaps that’s because considerable bitterness remains between them.

Says the Gosselin source about Glassman: “Jon feels much better without her. He felt that she was sucking him for all his money and not being faithful to him. He is happy to be done with her.”

For her part, Glassman is attempting to take the high road, having recently moved to a new apartment in New York’s Murray Hill neighborhood. “I’ve been through way too much for a 22-year-old, and the amount of stress and pain I’ve endured is unfathomable,” Glassman tells PEOPLE.

  • “[But] in life, you need to be an optimist, I’ve learned. You have two options: You can either be sad and depressed and pity yourself, or be the best you can be. Like Robert Frost says, ‘If I could sum up life in three words, it would be ‘Life Goes On.’ ” (The poet’s exact words were, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”)
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  • Still, Glassman can’t resist taking one more potshot at the fallen reality star: “Congrats to the new girlfriend and I wish [Jon] luck with his move to Utah. I mean, I’m not sure if he remembers he has eight children back in Pennsylvania.”

And in what might be a reference to her former boyfriend’s now-cancelled TLC series, Glassman adds: “Remember Jon – those eight little people you hung around with while you were running your legalized sweat shop?”

Says the Gosselin source: “He will always love his kids. His kids are what keep him going.”

With reporting by DAVID CAPLAN and LIZ McNEIL