Although the duo has decades of marriage under their belts, they don't make a fuss over it

By Char Adams
Updated November 17, 2015 02:55 PM

It has been a big year for one Tennessee couple.

Allan and Margaret Little have been married for more than 70 years, and this year, they both celebrated a huge milestone: turning 100 years old.

Margaret celebrated her 100th birthday a few months ago and Allan rang in his centennial earlier this month, WKRN reports.

This may be his 100th time around, but at his most recent birthday celebration, Allan was overjoyed to receive a gift from his wife.

“I got a jacket! It’s got my initials on it,” Allan said as he held up a blue jacket. “I like the color! Babe, you done good!”

The Littles have known each other since they were children. And at Allan’s birthday celebration, they showed off a photo of themselves from when they were just four years old, WKRN reports.

They went on their first date when they were in high school and got married in 1939, according to the Lakeshore Senior Living Community (where the Littles reside).

The Littles have outlived all three of their children, WKRN reports. But they still have each other, and they’ve centered their lives around their local church.

Although the two have decades of marriage under their belts, they don’t make a fuss over it.

“How long we been married? 74 years?” Allan asked Margaret, to which she replied, “Something like that.”