June 15, 1998 12:00 AM

Teller, the silent partner in the magician team of Penn & Teller, finally has something to say. According to the Los Angeles Times, Teller (real name: Raymond Joseph Teller), 52, has written a heartfelt memoir about his two quirky and beloved parents. The book, titled “When I’m Dead All This Will Be Yours,” was inspired by 60 cartoons that his father, Joe Teller, now 87, drew in 1939 and had hoped to sell to the local newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer. After his son ran across a portfolio containing the old drawings, a spark was ignited. “I began to realize (my parents) talk differently from other people,” Teller told the Times. “I noticed their strange way of making pancakes on Sunday where my father drizzles batter on a griddle to make an abstract painting and gives it to my mother to interpret. These are old artists whose idea of art is very bred in the bone.” Besides the original 60 cartoons, the book reportedly also includes eight pages of Joe Teller’s watercolors.

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