Andrea Morales has already flown to Los Angeles after calls came flooding in

By Tim Nudd
Updated October 19, 2013 12:00 PM

How does it feel going from unknown actress to overnight sensation?

For Andrea Morales, star of the super-viral coffee-shop prank video to promote the upcoming remake of Carrie, it’s been a scream.

“Absolutely insane,” Morales tells USA Today of her experience over the past week, as the YouTube clip has amassed over 40 million views. “I don’t even comprehend those numbers.”

In the video, Morales plays a telekinetic girl not unlike Carrie‘s terrifying anti-heroine (played by Chloe Grace Moretz), and she freaks out real-life customers in a New York City coffee shop when she uses her powers to move tables and lift a man halfway up a wall.

Of the audition process, Morales says: “They were like, ‘Can you scream for, like, 15 seconds I mean, for a really long time?’ And they weren’t kidding.”

On the day of the shoot, she did about 40 takes of the scene, horrifying a new group of people each time. “One of the directors, would yell, ‘Cut!’ And then everybody, including myself, would clap. And the customers would be like, ‘Oh, my gosh! That’s crazy!’ ” Morales says.

“To my knowledge, everyone left happy [and] thought it was great, that it was hilarious. They were really great sports about being scared for a little while.”

For the NYC-based actress, it’s been a dream come true. “On Monday [Oct. 7], when it came out, I sent it to my parents, because they didn’t even know I had done it,” she says. “By Wednesday, when it was at 22 million [YouTube hits], that’s when the phone calls started coming in … Wednesday afternoon, they wanted to fly me out to L.A.”

Of course, she’ll probably have to see the Carrie remake when it comes out, but reveals: “I’m really terrified of scary movies, so I’ll probably have to sit in the back of the theater.”