A student at California's Pitman High School won this year's talent show with a perfectly executed "Billie Jean" dance

By Nate Jones
Updated May 22, 2014 11:30 AM

Skip to 1:11 for Brett Nichols’s "Billie Jean" performance.

It was more like a dance routine, from a movie scene.
We didn’t know who this kid was, but we knew he was the one, who would dance, on the floor, in the round.
And he came number one, when he danced, on the floor, in the round.

  • He’s Brett Nichols, a Cali teen,
  • And he caused a scene.
  • The school talent show was where he was seen being the one,
  • Who would dance, on the floor, in the round.

Teachers might have told him, be careful what you do.
Don’t go around, playing MJ‘s parts.
His mother might have told him, don’t put on that rhinestone glove.
And be careful what you do, you’re no hologram, it’s true.

Dancing teen, the Web discovered.
He’s just a boy, trying to have some fun.
Now the kid is number one.
He’s a viral home run, and the kid is number one.

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