You're welcome

By Lynette Rice
Updated February 02, 2016 08:00 PM
Credit: Damian Strohmeyer/Animal Planet

America, you’re welcome. Really, it was nothing.

When Animal Planet offered to bring over some four-legged friends to help promote this Sunday’s Puppy Bowl XII, our wildest dreams took over in our continued effort to bring you the most satisfying content ever.

We said to ourselves, “Self? What’s better than a roomful of puppies?” And the answer came rather swiftly: Watching two hotties play with a roomful of puppies, natch!

At first, we expected a doggone cute-tastrophy, but Ryan Kelley (Teen Wolf) and Aaron Jakubenko (The Shannara Chronicles) handled the furry huddle with aplomb. They even went so far as to name their precious charges.

Puppy Bowl XII returns to Animal Planet this Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m. ET/PT. And guess what? You can actually join in on the fun by having an adoptable puppy Uber-ed to your door. Click here for more information.

You can catch Kelley and Jakubenko tonight on Teen Wolf and The Shannara Chronicles, both on MTV.