Michigan Teen Walks 57 Miles with Brother on Back to Raise Awareness of Cerebral Palsy

Last June, Hunter and Braden completed a 40-mile walk together

On Sunday, Hunter Gandee of Lambertville, Michigan, finished a 57-mile walk with his 7-year-old brother Braden strapped to his back in a harness, reports The Detroit Free Press.

The 15-year-old completed the feat, which started in Temperance and ended at the University of Michigan’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Center in Ann Arbor, to raise awareness about cerebral palsy, a movement disorder that prevents Braden from walking unassisted.

This is the second time Hunter and Braden have walked together to bring attention to the fight against cerebral palsy. Last June, the pair walked 40 miles for the same cause.

Hunter says the 57-mile trek has left him sore but energized, especially after seeing all the support at the finish line.

“It went great – we walked into a big crowd of people,” Hunter told The Associated Press. “It was great to have everyone there.”

“[Braden] was excited – not only that we were done finally, but everyone was there cheering him on,” he continued.

The walk, which the Gandee family has named the Cerebral Palsy Swagger, was attended by dozens of Braden and Hunter’s friends, family members and teammates. Silver medalist wrestler Jake Herbert also came out to support the cause.

The Gandee family says on its Facebook page that the event is not a fundraiser, but instead a walk that “demonstrates the physical and mental challenges faced everyday by those affected by Cerebral Palsy, but with support, assistance, and a good attitude, all goals are within reach.”

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After seeing all the supporters who turned out for this year’s Cerebral Palsy Swagger, Hunter feels that he “absolutely” achieved his goal.

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