Police pick up a 16-year-old boy they think is connected to the killing of legal analyst Daniel Horowitz's wife

By Todd Peterson
Updated October 20, 2005 03:40 PM

The teenage boy arrested in Lafayette, Calif., Thursday in connection with the brutal beating death of Pamela Vitale, was a loner who told his classmates he was reading the book of Satan, the Associated Press reports.

“He was really gothic, always wore a long, dark jacket,” said his school mate, Kevin Etheridge, 16. “He’d hang out with a few kids, but he was pretty quiet, pretty much to himself.”

The teenager, who police won t name because he is only 16, is from Lafayette, where television legal analyst Daniel Horowitz and his slain wife were building a home. The teen lived down the hill on a remote canyon road from the couple.

Ivan Golde, a friend of Horowitz and his co-counsel, said Horowitz didn’t know the teen well, but knew of him.

“Dan knew the family somewhat but he didn’t really know this kid. He had no connection to this kid,” Golde told NBC’s Today show Friday.

Another student at the suspect s school remembered him drawing a pentagram on the ground with chalk in junior high school and dancing around it with other students.

“He told people the book that he was carrying and reading from was the book of Satan,” Keith Kingon said.

If convicted of murder as an adult, the teen would face up to life in prison. If convicted as a juvenile, he would be freed on his 25th birthday. He is too young to face the death penalty.

Horowitz discovered his wife’s body Saturday evening after returning to the mobile home the two were living in during the construction of their home. When Horowitz found his wife, he called 911 and then sat down with her.

“I just basically sat with her, and I just told her, ‘I love you, and you’re beautiful,'” he said.

The high-powered attorney had been in San Francisco preparing for the trial of Susan Polk, the woman accused of murdering her millionaire husband in 2002. A mistrial was declared in that case Monday.

Horowitz, who frequently serves as a legal analyst for several networks, said that his wife’s body was next to a 65-inch television set that had been moved more than a couple feet, the Associated Press reports. “She fought like hell,” he said.