The teen caught backlash from the Broadway community after he attempted to charge his phone onstage before the production

By Lindsay Kimble
Updated July 11, 2015 05:25 PM

The Long Island teenager who jumped on-stage and attempted to charge his cell phone during a performance of Broadway’s Hand to God has officially apologized.

Nick Silvestri, a 19-year-old from Long Island, New York, said he “wasn’t really thinking” when he attempted to plug his phone into one of the set’s outlets, but said “Girls were calling all day,” so his phone needed some juice.

Silvestri, who faced the ire of the Internet and the Broadway community after the July 2 incident, gave his formal apology in a press conference outside the Booth Theatre on Friday.

“I downed a few drinks, and that clearly impaired my judgement,” Silvestri, who attended the show with his family, said.

“I saw the outlet and ran for it,” he read from a paper on Friday. “That was the only outlet I saw, so I thought, ‘Why not?’ I was thinking that they were probably going to plug something in there on the set, and I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal if my phone was up there too.”

The outlet in question wasn’t even hooked up to an electrical source – it was merely a prop, Playbill confirmed.

At the time, security guards approached him, and retrieved his phone. The pre-show music was then stopped and an announcement was made prohibiting audience members from attempting to do the same.

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“I would like to sincerely apologize to the Broadway community, all the other people in the audience that night, and most importantly the cast and crew of Hand to God,” Silvestri said. “I am on my college lacrosse team, and I know just how bad it feels when you are out there working your a– off, and it feels like the crowd isn’t on your side or isn’t paying attention.”

Silvestri said that he aims to be a “great theatergoer” in the future.

Hand to God‘s official Twitter account officially accepted the New Yorker’s apology, writing “To forgive is divine. Thanks for the apology, @NickSilvestri2! #apologyaccepted #ChargerGate.”