In 2005, Horner spoke on the unique challenges of making music for movies

By Kelli Bender
Updated June 23, 2015 07:20 PM
Credit: Getty

A TED Talk by James Horner, who died Monday, was posted on YouTube by the nonprofit on Tuesday. The lecture on composing music for film scores had not been previously released to the public.

“While TED has never been able to share his full 15-minute talk because it contains film clips that require rights clearance, we wanted to share this portion of it,” TED posted along with the clip.

The edited seven-minute version of Horner’s 2005 talk focuses on the artistic difficulties and frustrations that come with creating film scores.

“When I do a film score, I am basically nothing more than a fancy pencil for hire. I don’t own any of the music when I am – it belongs to the film company – and likewise, when I am done, even if I come up with something astounding that I may want to revisit … in the world of film composition you can’t do that,” Horner says in the clip.

Horner, who crafted iconic scores for Titanic and A Beautiful Mind, died in a plane crash on Monday morning.