A Bloomberg Politics and the Des Moines Register survey shows Cruz leading the campaign for the Iowa caucuses

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was edged out by Ted Cruz according to a new poll from Bloomberg Politics and the Des Moines Register.

According to the new survey, Cruz is leading the pack of candidates with 31 percent of the vote from those likely to attend the Republican Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1. Trump trails the Texas senator with 21 percent of the vote.

The 44-year-old’s support at the caucus – which starts the presidential nomination election season – rose 21 points since October. According to Bloomberg Politics this is the largest growth between Iowa Polls recorded in at least the last five presidential caucus campaigns.

Those polled indicated both their first and second choices. When those numbers are combined, Cruz has a stunning 51 percent of support from potential caucus attendees.

While Trump’s position overall rose (from 19 percent in October), Ben Carson fell to 13 percent from his 28 percent lead two months ago.

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While Carson retweeted a link to the poll, Trump focused on another poll that showed his numbers rising.

“A very good NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll was just released wherein I went up from last month and am in the lead,” he wrote on Sunday, just hours after the Bloomberg poll was released. “Nice!”

Trump was likely referencing the new national NBC News and Wall Street Journal poll which found him in the lead with Republican primary voters. Trump banked 27 percent of support while Cruz had 22 percent.

The real estate mogul also retweeted a follower who alleged Trump’s support was higher than attributed and that “they are all biased polls!!!!”