By Todd Peterson
February 13, 2004 11:16 AM

What began as a rather dramatic episode on “Survivor: All-Stars” ended on a sad note, as tearful Mogo Mogo team member Jenna Morasca bowed out the game to return home to spend time with her mother, who was battling cancer.

A short postscript at the episode’s end revealed that eight days after she returned home, Morasca’s mother died from her illness.

From the show’s outset, it was clear that Morasca (the winner of “Survivor: Amazon”) was not handling the pressure well. Soon, it was revealed that she decided to enter the competition despite the fact that her mother was ill — and as the game wore on, it was clear that Morasca’s decision was having an effect on her.

Before the immunity challenge, she broke the news to her team that she could not go on.

As the three teams met for the final challenge, Morasca delivered the news to host Jeff Probst. After quizzing her and several other contestants about their feelings on the matter, Morasca was dismissed from the show immediately, and no immunity challenge — or tribal council — was held.

Meanwhile, days 6 through 9 began with food, water and shelter fatigue beginning to take their toll on players. At the Mogo Mogo camp, original “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch kicked off the episode by engaging in a naked underwater battle with a small shark.

Hatch, who was trying to secure some real food for his tribe, became the unwitting victim of the shark after it attached itself to his arm. He was forced to batter the fish against a rock to get free of its grip, but he told his teammates that after the shark bit him, he bit it until it let go of his arm.

The story earned the often-naked Hatch new admirers among his tribe mates. His story, said fellow teammate Shii Ann Huang, was “Hemingway-esque.” “He might not be impressive downstairs,” she said, “but he’s impressive in other ways.”

The teams were then given a challenge to see which one could build the sturdiest shelter. With an on-air plug — and supplies — from Home Depot, the teams began a 24-hour race for a prize that consisted of rice and the second key to unlock a box they had received the previous week.

Chapera’s sturdy hut, built under the direction of “Boston” Rob Mariano, earned that team the first-place win. Mogo Mogo’s tree fort received the second-place vote, while a loss for Rupert Boneham’s (of “Survivor: Pearl Islands”) Saboga team further splintered his group, which is already down two people.