The stars reveal where they place their Twilight allegiance

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When New Moon hits theaters on Friday, you can bet that plenty of stars will be in line for the flick along with other members of the public. Since Twilight mania began taking hold last year, everyone from Zac Efron to Kelly Clarkson to Joe Jonas have raved about the franchise. Even President Obama admitted that he and daughter Malia have read the popular series.

Some, like Kim Kardashian, have announced their fandom in less verbal ways: Recently, the reality star toted around a Twilight water bottle emblazoned with Taylor Lautner‘s face. Count her on Team Jacob!

While en route to her L.A. gym, meanwhile, Ashley Tisdale obviously declared herself on Team Edward, given her water bottle with its visage of Robert Pattinson.

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Yet whether they’re on Team Edward or Team Jacob – or just Team Twilight – here’s what celebrated and self-declared Twi-Hards have said about the franchise:

• At last year’s MTV Movie Awards, Efron and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were competing against Pattinson and Stewart for best kiss, but the former High School Musical heartthrob wasn’t dismayed about the competition, calling Twilight a “great film” and the Edward/Bella liplock, “a great kiss.”

Kelly Clarkson took to her blog earlier this year to rave about the Twilight soundtrack – and the books. “By the way, I’m now on ‘eclipse’ of the twilight series and so is my mom, my sister and all of my friends,” she wrote in a Jan. 9 post. “You could say we’re a bit addicted and all searching for our very own personal ‘edward’ ..and yes, in the most pathetic way possible ha!”

Pete Wentz called in to the final episode of MTV’s TRL last November and admitted a craving for the first Twilight flick. “I went to Chinatown, picked up a bootleg version of Twilight,” he said, “and watched it like, 72, times.”

Joe Jonas outed himself as Team Edward to MTV News. The appeal? “For a lot of guys, they want superpowers,” he said. “He’s a vampire, but he’s pretty strong and stuff.”

Hilary Duff said in a radio interview that her hockey player beau Mike Comrie may have some vampire competition. “I was like, ‘Edward Cullen I mean, find me a vampire, you might be done,’ ” she said, adding, “He’s handsome!”

• Last December, Rosario Dawson told PEOPLE that reading Twilight has become too addictive. “I just read the first book, it’s ridiculous, it’s like crack cocaine,” she said. “I read it for 10 hours straight until I finished it.”

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• At Comic-Con in July, Jennifer Love Hewitt revealed her personal allegiances. “Who’s not Team Edward? she told MTV News. “There is not a girl in the world who’s not Team Edward! Have you met girls who are not Team Edward? Well, they are not girls! They’re aliens from another planet who should not be allowed to exist.”

• And on his KIIS-FM radio show, Ryan Seacrest frequently performs dramatic readings from the books, including a famous breakup scene in New Moon between Edward and Bella.

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