Don't believe us? Just watch!

Credit: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Think Brie Larson is just a stellar actress? Think again.

The Room star shared a throwback photo on Thursday, proving her participation in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade back in 2005.

In the snap, posted to Instagram, a younger, blonder, Larson wears a beanie, white gloves, and white ruffled pea coat as she serenades the crowd.

“#tbt to when I sang on a BARBIE CASTLE FLOAT with a dancing Barbie and Ken during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” Larson, 26, captioned the photo. “Yes. Take it in. Yes.”

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Although the actress only shared a snapshot from the day, a YouTube fan account dug some of the footage, which unfortunately ends before we can hear the actress belt out any tunes.

Singing excluded, if we had to judge from the bubble-gum pink float, complete with a Pegasus, we’d still say this day was everything!