We know this is trouble

Credit: Christopher Polk/NBC/Getty

If you’d like to extend Taylor Swift’s dominance to not only your eardrums and heartstrings but also to the electronic communications that make up a huge part of your daily life, boy do we have some news for you.

TayText is an app that lets you fill your texts with Swift’s lyrics via keyboard, much like you would with emojis or your phone’s predictive text function. It was inspired by the Drizzy Keyboard, which does the same thing, just with Drake lyrics.

TayText includes over 300 lyrics from 60-plus songs, allowing you to craft exchanges like the one pictured below. Thanks, Harvard Business School! (The app was created by five HBS students, according to Billboard.)

source: imgur.com

Obviously, it works with Tinder, which is probably (translation: definitely) the best possible use one could have for this thing.

Update: The app is currently not available.

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