She hopes the snack and a cute pet card will bring a stuffy-nosed backup singer "back to perfect health"
Credit: Flynet

Who needs chicken soup when you have shriveled-up cranberries?

So says Taylor Swift, who believes a dose of Craisins and a cute card with a frowning kitten should cure a cold-stricken backup singer – and keep the bug from spreading.

“Liz, my back up singer, was sick this weekend,” Swift, 19, writes on her My Space Celebrity Blog. “She had a stuffy nose and a sore throat, and those two things are my new NIGHTMARES. If I get either of those two things, (let’s be dramatic right now) EVERYTHING would be, like, RUINED!!”

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“Well, not really,” she hastens to add. “But you get the point. Getting sick when you play a two-hour show every night is really inconvenient.”

So sniffly Liz has been “basically quarantined” except for the time she’s on stage, but it was so lonely in the dressing room that Swift wrote an “I Miss You” card.

“It had a picture of a kitten making a sad face on the front. I feel like kitten cards make everything better, pretty much,” she writes. “I was all ‘I’m so sorry you’re infected, come back I miss you’ and this whole long note.”

Then, she says, “I put Craisins in the card. Not packaged, just loose Craisins in the card.” Calling Craisins “basically the most awesome thing ever,” Swift says, “Hopefully the combination of cute kittens and Craisins will bring Liz back to perfect health.”