April 29, 2016 06:00 PM

Taylor Swift is a woman of many talents.

She can write a killer single (and really, entire album). She can assemble a seriously envy-worthy squad. She can convince Apple to change their business policies.

But did you know that she’s also a master of the photobooth?

Here, a few tips for photobooth perfection that we’ve gathered from her collection.

1. Bring in the supermodels.
Having BFFs who regularly grace the pages of Vogue eliminates the need for a pre-booth posing tutorial.

2. Keep it candid.
Well, as candid as you can be when you know the photo is being taken.

3. Show your squad some love.
Whether that’s with hugs or unexpected arm-over-head draping.

4. Bring props.
The more lace fans, feather boas and over-the-top hats, the better.

5. As well as a gaggle of celebrities.
The more famous faces, the better, as well.

6. Make it themed!
Because why take just a normal photobooth pic when you can take a circus-themed photobooth pic?

7. Deck it out.
While your classic white backdrop works just fine, there’s nothing like a photo station with all the trimmings. Meaning? Balloons, streamers and bunny heads.

8. More Swifts are always a plus.
If you can wrangle getting a Swift into your photobooth picture, you’re guaranteed endless likes. So it makes sense that this photo, with two Swifts, got over a million.

9. Change up your poses.
Surprised, snarky, frustrated, and of course, kisses – you’ve got to keep it interesting.

10. Don’t be afraid to DIY.
While it’s ideal when a photobooth is provided for you (shout out to the Vanity Fair Oscars party), Taylor knows that sometimes, there’s no substitute for a good old-fashioned Polaroid. It’s an instant photobooth, wherever you go!

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