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December 10, 2015 06:50 PM

Several years past feeling 22, Taylor Swift is celebrating her 26th birthday. Born in 1989, this best friend to many seems pretty proud of her birth year, even naming her most recent album after the ultimate year of the 80s.

And she should be proud! 1989 was full of amazing events – my own birth being one of them – which shaped film, television, pop culture and the very fabric of our world.

Since Swift doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight, we’re celebrating her 26th year by remembering 26 other amazing things that happened in 1989. Nostalgia ACTIVATE!

1. George Michael Earns Album of the Year

Faith took home one of the 31st Grammy Awards’ top honors on Feb, 22.

2. Sir Tim Berners-Lee Invented the World Wide Web


In March of 1989, Berners-Lee laid out the plan that would result in amazing things, like you reading this article.

3. I Was Born

On March 6, a budding journalist and cat enthusiast was welcomed into the world.

4. Madonna’s Like a Prayer Drops

The album came out on March 21 and was followed by a controversial video.

5. Rain Man Wins Best Picture

The Tom Cruise movie won the top prize at the 61st Academy Awards, which aired on March 29.

6. Michael Jackson Becomes the King of Pop


Jackson received the title on April 12.

7. MGM Studios Opens at Walt Disney World

The future home of the Tower of Terror welcomed its first Disney riders on May 1.

8. Batman Hits Theaters

The superhero resurgence began on June 23.

9. Do the Right Thing Premieres

Michelle and Barack Obama’s first date movie hit theaters on June 30.

10. Seinfeld Starts

The show about nothing became something on July 5.

11. When Harry Met Sally Released

On July 17, we started asking ourselves, can a guy and a girl just be friends?

12. Daniel Radcliffe Is Born


The boy who played The Boy Who Lived started his life on July 23, forever changing our lives.

13. The Beastie Boys Release Paul’s Boutique

The album, almost completely composed of samples, came out on July 25.

14. Nintendo’s Game Boy Debuts


Nintendo changed gaming forever on July 31.

15. Sega Genesis Released

After launching in Japan as Sega Mega Drive in 1988, Sega Genesis made its North America debut on Aug. 14.

16. Cheers Wins Its Third Emmy

The show took home the Outstanding Comedy Series Award on Sept. 17.

17. Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation Released

A big year for the other Jackson as well, Janet’s hit album dropped on Sept. 19.

18. Galileo Spacecraft Launches

The unmanned spacecraft set off into the final frontier on Oct. 18 to study Jupiter and its moons.

19. North and South Dakota Turn 100


The Nov. 2 date is a slightly bigger birthday than 26.

20. The Fall of the Berlin Wall

On Nov. 9, for the first time in decades, people from East Germany were once again allowed to travel freely to West Germany.

21. The Little Mermaid Debuts

The film became part of this world on Nov. 17. 22. The Simpsons Begins

Now in its 27th season, Springfield’s most famous family got its start on Dec. 17.

23. Energizer Bunny Is Introduced to the World

The mascot was introduced in 1989 and has kept going and going …

24. First Cellphone Ad Airs

Centel gave us a taste of the future with this 1989 TV spot.

25. Gas Costs 97 Cents


That’s less than a dollar!

26. McDonald’s Offers Pizza

That’s good, right?

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