Credit: Source: Carlos Souza/Instagram

Pictures have emerged that show Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston cuddling on the beach in Rhode Island, and our hearts are bursting with emotions. (Mostly FOMO.)

For reference, here’s them getting down at the Met Ball in May:

Before HiddleSwift – their couple name, duh – progresses any further, here are nine things that the British actor, 35, should know about dating Swift, 27.

1. You have to love her cats.

And not feel threatened when she prioritizes them over you.

2. You have to be down with her squad.

And festive onesies, of course.

3. You must, must, must enjoy animal-shaped pool floaties.

4. You have to be cool with her hanging out with a lot of sexy fellows.

5. You have to love love.

And basically re-enact “Love Story” IRL.

6. You have to grab your passport and her hand.

7. You have to like babies.

Swift is an MVP godmother.

8. You are required to be a goofball.

This may be the most important pre-req.

9. You have to respect and support her career, rather than be intimidated by it.