We Tried the Taylor Swift Texting App & Things Got Weird

Spoiler alert: Not all moms are familiar with 1989

Photo: PEOPLE.com Illustration By Debra Cartwright

“You never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything” is a completely normal thing to casually text your friend, no?

Well, that’s just one of the over 300 ways you can confuse, delight or otherwise Taylor-ize (verb: the act of mesmerizing with Swift lyrics) your friends, family and Tinder dates, all thanks to the TayText app.

In the name of, say, science, we tested out the mobile Swift lyric generator, which brings more than 60 selects from her catalog to your fingertips. Basically, you can text your mom lyrics to that song you cry to in the shower sometimes, as one does.

Some people knew exactly what was going on, largely because we’ve been communicating in Taylor lyrics long before it was cool to invent an app allowing people to communicate in Taylor lyrics.

But we quickly discovered which people in our lives/phones do not listen to 1989 as much as we do (translation: 24 hours a day). We’re de-friending them immediately.

Pro tip: Next time someone sends you a super-serious text message (example: anything about a TV show), respond exclusively, dare we say, lovingly, in old-school Swift lyrics. Your friends will LOVE you for it, and you will not be removed from their phones.

Speaking of friends: We don’t recommend trying this one out on strangers.

Also, your mother won’t get this, and she will have no idea what’s going on. She won’t acknowledge the lyrics, and her response will make no sense. (Editor’s note: If you’re reading this, Mom, I still have no idea what you’re talking about, and your lack of enthusiasm about “Shake It Off” is hurtful.)

Update: The app is currently not available.

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