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July 05, 2016 05:30 PM

Taylor Swift knows how to summer.

That’s right, summer can be a verb. Summer (v.): to wear patriotic bathing suits, gallivant in the ocean, cuddle with love interests and post copiously about it on social media.

Here are 19 of Swift’s most epic summer moments – thus far.

1. When she got matching patriotic tattoos with her bestie, Abigail Anderson.

We want to get a TS heart on our arms, too.

2. When she snuggled up to Tom Hiddleston after an epic international journey from England to Rome.

We almost didn’t notice Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

3. When she looked more put together after a long day at the beach than we ever will in our entire lives.

Why isn’t she peeling??

4. When she outfitted her guests in hooded American flag onesies.

As one does, as one does.

5. When she rounded up a very impressive, very extensive group of A-list BFFLs with whom to frolic in the water.

It is devastating how fun this looks.

6. When she set aside some scenic one-on-one time with Cara Delevingne.

Even Taylor Swift gets tan lines!

7. When she literally was America.

8. When she timed a group photo perfectly to this firework.


9. When her legs actually belonged to a Greek goddess.

We can’t.

10. When she slid down the most patriotic inflatable waterslide there ever was.

How did the camera stay dry? These are questions for mortals, not Swift.

11. When she looked better with her hair wet than we do with a blowout.

12. When she was incredibly brave with her gal pal Karlie Kloss.

We’re nervous just looking at this.

13. When she really got her money’s worth out of that slide.


14. When she held her own next to actual supermodels.

Cara and Gigi better watch out.

15. When she gave a surprise performance at a fan’s wedding.

16. When met her new boyfriend’s mom, and it seemed to go really, really well.


Like, really well.

17. When she hit up Rome with Hiddleston like it’s NBD.

Ciao Pix/INFPhoto

We’re not jealous. It’s fine. We’re fine.

18. When she had a low-key cookout with the fam.

and learned that frogs “HATE it when you grill near them.”

19. When she crammed in as much beach time as humanly possible.

Before the two embarked on their international romp, the two were first spotted kissing, cuddling and taking selfies in Rhode Island, just weeks after Swift's split from Calvin Harris.
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20. When this moment happened.

Of all of Swift’s glorious summer moments, the shenanigans on the “Taymerica” slide at her backyard bash has to be the most glorious. We patiently await our invite to next year’s gathering.

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