WATCH: This Video Proves Cheesy '80s Dancercise Goes Perfectly with Taylor Swift's 'Shake it Off'

Shake it off and then stretch it out with this video


The Internet is full of flashes of genius – this is one of them.

Wise Web user Thomas Jung recently paired Taylor Swift‘s hit “Shake It Off” with an old aerobic exercise video from the ’80s, and the results are red, blue and cheesy goodness all over.

Like Swift, these spandex-clad dancers from the Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship are lightning on their feet. This video is a constant flurry of bleached white smiles and Baywatch-style suits, peppered with moves that look like they’re pulled straight from Swift’s video.

While this isn’t the first "Shake It Off" parody to go viral, it raises some important new questions.

Do the haters hate less when your shoes match your socks? Discuss … and dance!

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