Warning: You do not want to mess with Swift and her squad

By Megan Kuharich
Updated July 28, 2015 04:00 PM
Credit: Courtesy Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and her legendary squad definitely have mad love for “Bad Blood.”

To commemorate the song’s success – and to lure VMA voters – Swift decided to share behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot on Instagram. The singer, 25, who received nine MTV Video Music Award nominations last week, posted a clip of supermodel Lily Aldridge (a.k.a. Frostbyte) looking totally fierce and fantastic.

She captioned: “Bad Blood got a 6TH WEEK at #1 at pop radio! To celebrate, I’ll be posting some behind the scenes clips of our video shoot. First up: Frostbyte.”

In the clip, the two gal pals are seen drifting across the floor and flipping in the air with intense weapons at hand. “You got so low, you went down like this with your back,” Swift said to Aldridge in the video. The “Shake It Off” hitmaker appeared to be very impressed with her friend’s deadly moves.

Lily shared: “To get to do this in work, to play and be these awesome strong women that we are it’s so much fun.”

Next up: Serayah.”My character name is Dilemma I punch through a wall!” the Empire star says in her clip.

Then, Swift featured Karlie Kloss. “We just came up with my name: Knockout,” the model shares.

Next up, Hayley Williams of Paramore introduces her character, The Crimson Curse.

Then came Jessica Alba (a.k.a Domino), the “motorcycle expert.”

Following Domino was the lovely Ellen Pompeo who was known on set as “Luna.” She says she “taught Taylor how to be a spy.”

Breakout star Hailee Steinfeld was next as “The Trinity.” “There are three of me,” she said in the short clip.

Gal pal Martha Hunt was next on deck, playing the role of “Home Slice.”

The terrifying “Cut Throat,” also known as Zendaya, followed the Victoria’s Secret Angel. She tells fans how she got her name in the quick behind-the-scenes look.

You may know her from Law & Order, but on this set Mariska Hargitay played Justice, who gave Taylor “the nod of approval” in the video.

Following Hargitay was Ellie Goulding, who played “Destructa X.”

Then came longtime BFF Selena Gomez, who actually played the villain “Arsyn” in this video.

Next up: Gigi Hadid as “Slay Z,” who had a bit of a problem keep a straight face on set. She shared, “The dog would bark next to me and I’d just crack up after we’d cut.”

Last, but definitely not least, Cara Delevingne rounded out the behind-the-scenes footage. On set, she was known as “Mother Chucker.”

Earlier this month, Swift posted an off-camera clip of her practicing her punch and takedown moves via Instagram. It’s safe to say you don’t want to mess with her or any of her crew.