Taylor Swift Returns the Favor When a Fan Tries To Correct Her Grammar

The singer proves yet again that her grammar skills are never to be questioned

Photo: Jun Sato/Getty

In case you were still questioning Taylor Swift‘s grammar skills after the whole Princeton Review mishap – in which the SAT study guide misprinted the lyrics to her hit song “Fifteen” – she has proven herself a master of the English language yet again.

One bold fan took to Tumblr to point out a missing apostrophe in the caption for one of the polaroids from Swift’s 1989 deluxe package. (The caption appears to read, “Say you’ll see me again, even if its just in your wildest dreams.”)

“uh, taylor there s supposed to an apostrophe s on its btw,” posted the fan.

But as we know, Swift isn’t one to shy away from a grammatical debate.

Taylor Swift’s Changing Looks!

“The apostrophe blended into the Y above it,” Swift responded. “But if we re being all fancy with grammar tonight, btw would ve had a comma before it. And the ‘U’ is ‘uh’ would ve been capitalized. And there would ve been some sort of punctuation at the end of the sentence. SEE IT DOESN T FEEL NICE DOES IT SO LET S STOP THIS MADNESS”

It was all in good fun though, and Swift assured her fan there is no Bad Blood between them, adding: “*My lack of punctuation there was intentional, ironic, and for comedic purposes. I m also joking about being mad. :)” http://taylorswift.tumblr.com/post/121083051355/maddywerch-maddywerch-uh-taylor-theres


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