Taylor Swift Ready to Vote for the Very First Time

In an election year, the 18-year-old singer is passionate about "political discussions" and, yes, boys


As the presidential election approaches Taylor Swift has politics on her mind.

“The first thing I did this year on my 18th birthday was register to vote,” Swift tells Redbook magazine. “I was still in my pajamas and I got on my computer and registered.”

“It was so cool and empowering. I felt this responsibility that I’ve never felt before – I actually had a say in the political discussions of my country,” she says.

The singer, who turned 18 last December, appears on the cover of magazine’s November issue with country stars Reba McEntire and Martina McBride.

As a songwriter, she says, “I just want to be honest and tell my stories. So I write about the kind of stuff young women experience.”

“And, yes, a lot of that has to do with boys,” Swift admits. Swift has been linked with teen star Joe Jonas, of the Jonas Brothers.

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