But you've been warned: Swift says she's "not nice all the time"

Credit: Gilbert Flores/Broadimage

Her fans, her cats, her squad of equally impressive girlfriends – those are all things Taylor Swift will gladly talk to you about.

Just don’t ask her about her rumored feud with Katy Perry, okay?

“I’m not giving them anything to write about,” Swift, 25, tells The Telegraph. “I’m never going to talk about her in my interview. It’s not going to happen.”

That’s not to say Swift – whose 1989 song “Bad Blood” fueled reports of, well, bad blood between the pop stars – always plays nice.

“It’s not real if someone appears to never have any issues with anyone. I have my friends. I have enemies,” she says. “I have bad days when I don’t want to go to a photo shoot, but I’m not going to show up four hours late. I’m going to be there on time. I’m not nice all the time, but I try not to be carelessly rude to people who don’t deserve it.”

Further proving she’s not all that different from us mere mortals, she continued: “When I’m with my friends, we don’t say glowing things about everybody. We’re not sitting around going, ‘You know who’s really special and wonderful?’ That’s not what we talk about – we’re normal girlfriends.”

And she’s still prioritizing quality time with said “normal girlfriends.” When asked about where she sees herself in five years, she replied, “I’ll probably still be single, let’s be honest. No one’s going to sign up for this and everything that goes with it. Like, ‘Hi, nice to meet you. Want a date? Do you love camera flashes? I hope you do!’ ”

She continued predicting her future with a laugh: “In five years time, she’ll be so afraid of everything, she doesn’t leave her house. She’s just surrounded by cats. So many cats, they’ve divided themselves up into armies, and she wanders around lint-rolling the couch that no one’s going to sit on because she’s afraid to have people over.”