The country star was "freaking out" during a recent encounter with the pop singer

By Mary Margaret and Stephanie Rygorsky
Updated May 08, 2008 02:30 PM
Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty;Peter Kramer/AP

Even celebrities get tongue-tied around other famous people: Just ask Taylor Swift, who couldn’t mask her excitement when she met John Mayer at the Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala earlier this week.

“I was star struck by the fact that he came up and introduced himself to me,” Swift gushed Wednesday at the 5th Annual Candie’s Foundation ‘Event to Prevent’ gala in New York. “I was like freaking out!”

Taking advantage of the chance encounter, Swift, 18, immediately started referencing Mayer’s popular blog. “I just respect him so much, I was rattling off quotes that he said in his blog, and he was probably like thinking that I’m a stalker,” she laughed. “But he was amazing and sweet.”

Mayer, 30, returned the compliment by telling the young singer that he’s enjoyed watching her career blossom. “I was like, ‘what, you know my name?'” said Taylor. “I’m such a fan of his writing and everything so it was really cool to get to meet one of my heroes.”