December 29, 2014 08:00 AM

What could be better than a Taylor Swift song from 1989?

Obviously, two Taylor Swift songs from 1989.

Nashville-based singer Louisa Wendorff enlisted her friend Devin Dawson to help sing an acoustic mashup of Swift’s 1989 hits “Style” and “Blank Space.”

The clip was uploaded on Dec. 23 but didn’t get that much traction until Swift herself Tweeted out a link to it four days later, saying she was “obsessed.”

Wendorff, understandably, was a little overwhelmed by the feedback – and Tweeted out her own response.

On Facebook, Wendorff added that “I’ve been happy dancing all day and FREAKING OUT!!”

Swift’s music – especially when it comes in pairs – often has that effect on people.

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