"Sometimes it does feel unfair," the pop star told Glamour UK

By Jacqueline Andriakos
Updated December 08, 2020 10:46 AM

Her social circle, dancing habits, boyfriends and even belly button are all regular topics of public consumption. And Taylor Swift is well aware of the fact that her life is anything but typical.

The singer-songwriter, 25, spoke to Glamour UK about how she manages to stay grounded when the mania of fame makes her want to go insane.

“I think that part of me not going crazy is me admitting my life is weird and not normal,” she said in the June issue of the magazine, out April 30.

“My [mom] is really good at putting things back into perspective for me. And it’s really nice when she says, ‘I know there’s no way I could possibly understand what you’re going through, but here’s what I think,’ ” she said.

The “Blank Space” singer still sees the silver linings. “Sometimes it does feel unfair, but then I walk into my apartment that I can’t believe I could afford to buy and it doesn t feel so unfair anymore,” she told the mag.

But the 1989 artist admitted her love life can be tricky.

“There is no easy way for me to engage with romance,” she said, noting that the main reason is her busy schedule. “And it’s a good thing that I feel really independent and I feel that my friends are all I need.”

But Swift doesn’t appreciate being mocked publicly when it comes to romances and flings, even if she is someone in the public eye.

“It’s kind of a sad way I got there, though, being shamed into it,” she said.

“What else is it when you have two boyfriends in one year and everyone’s calling you boy crazy, making jokes about you at awards shows? That’s public humiliation. And I don’t think it’s fair.”

Swift’s remedy? Her girlfriends.

“I feel really lucky to have about 10 friends, like Karlie [Kloss] and Lena [Dunham] and Selena [Gomez], who I can call any time of the day or night, who can at least relate in some way to what I’m going through,” she said. “It’s a circle of really strong women who I depend on.”

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