Taylor Swift: I Haven't Kissed a Boy In Two Years

The country star, 18, says she's too focused on her career to worry about dating or partying


Just call her the anti-Paris.

Taylor Swift, 18, was nominated for a Grammy Award this year – and is a major country music superstar. But all the success does not translate into lots of partying or dating.

“I just don’t have the time,” Swift tells Blender in its April issue about her dating life. Swift also says she hasn’t kissed a boy is almost two years – since her self-titled album came out.

The same goes for the party circuit, which she skips altogether. “There could be drinking there or whatever,” says Swift. “Your career could go up in smoke just like that. It’s not worth the risk.”

Swift, who lives in Hendersonville, Tenn. with her parents, says she prefers her normal, suburban life, including lunches at Applebee’s and thinking about things like her senior prom. So, who’s her dream date?

“Perez Hilton!” Swift tells Blender. “Your prom date is supposed to be fun and hilarious, and I think I’d have more fun with Perez than with anyone else.”

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