It's been a tough few weeks for the Swifties


This has been a difficult few weeks for Taylor Swift fans. From Calvin Harristweet storm and Kim Kardashian‘s Snapchats of Swift’s infamous phone call with Kanye West (prompting #KimExposedTaylorParty) to now the involvement of Justin Bieber (and #TaylorSwiftWhatUp), the fandom has been through a lot. So if you have a Swiftie in your life, here’s what you definitely should not say to him or her right now – it’s just too soon.

1. These stories aren’t really adding up …
Kimye thinks Swift totally signed off on “Famous.” Swift feels otherwise. It’s a complicated saga and we just wish everyone could be friends like we used to be in middle school.

2. She moved on from Harris pretty quickly …
What is time, really?

3. And her relationship with Tom Hiddleston seems to be moving along quickly, too …
If it’s not like a romance straight out of the movies, why else would we be so interested?

4. But what about when she changed her mind about "This Is What You Came For"?

Nils Sjoberg wanted to keep the collaboration a secret, but Swift felt otherwise.

5. It doesn’t seem like Justin Bieber is on her side …
What do you mean?

6. Are you warring with Katy Perry fans?
Nope, all good, thanks for asking, nothing to see here.

7. The squad seems pretty quiet these days …
Some members of Swift’s girl gang have actually been pretty vocal when it comes to sticking up for their bestie – especially Selena Gomez. Sure, some have remained silent, but we have to assume there’s a master plan in place here.

8. What does this all mean for Swift’s feminism?
What does this mean for YOUR feminism?!

9. Is she going to write a song about all this?
We were over that joke the first time … and the second time …

10. And no VMA nominations this year?
Yo, I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Swift has won six VMAs in the past, and earlier this year became the only woman who has won the Album of the Year award at the Grammys more than once.