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April 03, 2015 04:15 PM

Hotel tea parties, car sing-alongs, star-studded boat rides: If you ever have a few minutes or, say, 76 hours to kill, one need not look further than Taylor Swift’s Instagram.

And now that Swift was spotted holding hands with DJ Calvin Harris – only fueling the dating rumors that swirled last week – we’re crossing our fingers for Harris’s #debut.

That’s not to say we don’t love double-tapping Swift’s photogenic mementos from girls’ night – it’s just that we know Harris would make a great addition to the squad.

Just think of the music collaboration and what that would do for your own dance parties

Speaking of dance parties: You just know Taylor could teach him a thing or two

And how much do you want to see this on Taylor’s next tropical getaway?

Besides, he can clearly hang

Most importantly, he gets how Taylor feels about her biggest love: her fans (as evidenced by the art he often shares made by his loyal followers)

Plus, he likes animals, so that means he has a shot at obtaining approval from arguably the cutest members of Swift’s squad



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