Taylor Swift Comforts Fan Grieving Loss of Her Mom: 'You've Lived Through My Worst Fear'

The singer recently revealed that her mother, Andrea, is battling cancer

Photo: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Mother’s Day was not easy for one Taylor Swift fan, who wrote to the singer admitting that she was grieving the loss of her mom.

“I can’t spend this day with my mom because she’s in heaven,” Kaileen wrote in a post addressed to Swift on Tumblr on Sunday. “Last January, my mom passed away and a piece of my heart left with her. My mom was my best friend, the one I laughed with, the one I cried with, and the one I loved with my whole heart.”

She told the “Blank Space” singer that her music took her out of her “sad place” and helped her get through “the hardest thing in the world,” and added, “Today’s going to be another hard day, but I know with you on my ide I can get through anything.”

Her note struck a chord with Swift, 25, who admitted last month that her mom, Audrey, is battling cancer. In a reply to Kaileen on her Tumblr, the Grammy winner admitted, “You’ve lived through my worst fear. I’m so sorry you can’t spend today with her. It’s not fair, and there’s no reason why you should feel okay about it.”

Taylor Swift’s Mom’s Heartbreaking Diagnosis

“No one should ever expect you to feel normal today,” she continued. “I admire and respect your ability to put forth such a sunny, sweet disposition when you’ve been through something so dark and tragic so recently. I never would’ve guessed by your attitude of your posts. I never would’ve known if you hadn’t told me. Sending you a huge hug today.”

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