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December 10, 2015 12:00 PM

There are many key decisions you’ll make throughout your life – where you’ll got to college, where you want to live, how many times per week you can eat Chipotle without feeling bad about your lifestyle choices – but there are none of more vital importance that what song you plan on singing on karaoke night.

If you’re anything like us, or indeed, any human being with feelings, you probably find yourself often resolving that dilemma by turning to Taylor Swift‘s catalogue of catchy, classic songs in order to belt your way into the small hours of the morning. But every Swift song has a different meaning (which is why we love her so much) and so the number you find yourself gravitating toward the most can actually be rather revealing about who you are as a person.

For example

"You Belong With Me"
What it Means: You haven’t quite worked up the courage to tell your crush that you’re completely crazy about him, so you just keep inviting him to your squad’s karaoke night in the hopes that if you sing him enough love songs he’ll finally get the hint and ask you to get maple spice lattes and share scarves.

"Shake It Off"
What it Means: You often describe yourself as “adorkable” and have really cornered the game when it comes to arm choreography – and this is your big moment to show it all off.


"Picture to Burn"
What it Means: Look, you’re going through a rough breakup right now, and you just need to work through some things in song, okay?

What it Means: You’re celebrating your 22nd birthday. Or, your 22nd birthday has come and gone and you’re having an existential crisis about aging and the weight of adult responsibilities are getting to you (what do you mean I need to find my own health insurance now?!?!) and you just want to revel in your fleeting youth for a little bit before your rent is due.


"Love Story"
What it Means: You’re a hopeless romantic who has been with your high school sweetheart for years, and you only like books that have happy endings (preferably ones that involve weddings). Also, you know that The Scarlet Letter isn’t actually all that romantic, but you enjoy watching your English major friends get worked up into a rage about things.

"Wildest Dreams"
What it Means: You’ve worn red lipstick every single day since you first discovered makeup, and your secret dream is to have someone follow you around with a fan so that your hair can always blow in the wind like Beyoncé.


"Our Song"
What it Means: Your friends imposed a “no country music” ban on the evening, but you’re not going to let that stop you from breaking out your best twang.

"Blank Space"
What it Means: Darling, you’re a nightmare dressed like a daydream – and you’re proud of it.


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