Meet the A-List Cast Starring in Taylor Swift's New Music Video

All week, the singer's been teasing out killer pics of everyone who will appear in her Bad Blood video, which premieres on Sunday. And let's just say there are more than a few familiar faces ...

Photo: Jun Sato/Getty

“Meet Catastrophe.”

On May 7, Taylor Swift Instagrammed a film noir-inspired shot of herself as Catastrophe, a smoldering, dark-lipped character from the upcoming music video for her new single “Bad Blood,” which debuts during the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday.

Fans were overjoyed to receive a sneak peak, but they couldn’t possibly have predicted the excitement in store for them – over the next week, Swift posted 16 more shots (and counting!) of characters from the video, including performers (and pals) like Lena Dunham, Kendrick Lamar and Jessica Alba.

The posts have acted as sort of an advent calendar counting down to the video’s hotly anticipated premiere. And the promotional photos – designed like movie posters – have generated buzz for the video as only the social-media-savvy singer could, while also providing a handy who’s-who of Swift’s squad.

Meet the cast (so far):

IRL: Taylor Swift (duh)
Character: Catastrophe
Look: Motorcycle-glam goth

IRL: Lily Aldridge
Character: Frostbyte
Look: Ice-queen chic

IRL: Zendaya
Character: Cut-Throat
Look: Furious ninja princess

IRL: Hayley Williams
Character: The Crimson Curse
Look: Hardcore punk diva

IRL: Gigi Hadid
Character: Slay-Z
Look: Highly focused warrior

IRL: Ellie Goulding
Character: Destructa X
Look: No-nonsense dominatrix

IRL: Hailee Steinfeld
Character: The Trinity
Look: Tough-as-nails triplets

IRL: Lena Dunham
Character: Lucky Fiori
Look: Cigar-smoking troublemaker

IRL: Kendrick Lamar
Character: Welvin Da Great
Look: The only man in the room

IRL: Karlie Kloss
Character: Knockout
Look: Fierce-as-hell fighter

IRL: Serayah
Character: Dilemma
Look: Catwoman incarnate

IRL: Jessica Alba
Character: Domino
Look: Glammed-up mob boss

IRL: Martha Hunt
Character: Homeslice
Look: Cat-eyed Katniss

IRL: Ellen Pompeo
Character: Luna
Look: Sexy death metal artist

IRL: Mariska Hargitay
Character: Justice
Look: Your worst nightmare

IRL: Cara Delevingne
Character: Mother Chucker
Look: Bombshell Assassin

IRL: Cindy Crawford
Character: Headmistress
Look: Smoldering samurai

IRL: Selena Gomez
Character: Arsyn
Look: Pulp Fiction goes mod

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