YouTuber Isosine has a channel full of quality mashups like this one

By Alex Heigl
Updated February 08, 2015 12:40 PM
Credit: Andrew Chin/FilmMagic; Kevin Mazur/WireImage

We’re not quite sure what it is about Nine Inch Nails’s music that makes people want to meld Trent Reznor’s aggressive, atmospheric borderline-industrial music with all kinds of pop hits, but we’re happy it keeps happening.

First, there was “Call Me a Hole,” a note-perfect mashup of NIN’s “Head Like a Hole” and Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” and now there’s “Shake It Off (The Perfect Drug),” a mashup of Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off” and Reznor’s “Perfect Drug.” (Interesting “Six Degrees”-type fact: The videos for both these songs were originally directed by Mark Romanek.)

YouTube user Isosine doesn’t offer an explanation as to how they saw fit to combine the 1997 NIN hit and Swift’s monster 2014 smash, but their YouTube channel is jammed with other mashups, like Miley Cyrus‘s “Wrecking Ball” meeting Mumford & Sons’s “Little Lion Man.”

In short, we’re clearly looking at some kind of mad genius here, and we couldn’t be happier.