"You'd think for multi platinum lyricists we'd do better," Sheeran quips as they rhyme back and forth
Credit: Anna Webber/Getty

Close pals Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran‘s text messages to each other are cuter than a teddy bear.

Swift, 25, posted a bedtime exchange between them online Monday, as Sheeran, 24, playfully started rhyming with his former concert tour mate.

“Go to sleep, I’ll talk to you soon,” Swift, 25, wrote to her BFF.

“in a bizzle swizzle,” the British singer replied.

“Like you said, Ed,” Swift wrote.

“thats okay, tay,” Sheeran quipped. “You’d think for multi platinum lyricists we’d do better.”

Swift posted their bedtime volley on Instagram alongside the caption, “Never not rhyming with @teddysphotos.”

The Shake It Off singer – who is rumored to be dating Calvin Harris – has been serving as a “brilliant wingman” for the recently single Thinking Out Loud singer, according to Britain’s Telegraph newspaper.

Meanwhile, Swift’s 1989 World Tour kicked off Monday in Tokyo, and Tumblr user callsmeupagains posted this crazy video of the scene at the concert: