3 Reasons Taylor Swift and Blake Lively Were Born to Be BFFs

From their taste in men to their spotlight-ready looks, the singer and actress already have a lot in common

Photo: Source Instagram

Is anyone that surprised by Taylor Swift and Blake Lively‘s picture-perfect friendship?

Let’s recap the last 24 hours: Swift, 25, and Lively, 28, unleashed adorable proof of their BFF status in a series of Instagram posts from their fun day at the Queensland theme park in Australia over the weekend. As the evidence shows, they were twinning in short shorts. They were snapping similar selfies with kangaroos. They were even giving major ‘OMG!’ face.

Basically, they were being their awesome selves – except they were finally together. Sure, work schedules united them Down Under, where Lively has been filming The Shallows and Swift was on break during the Aussie leg of her 1989 tour, but this friendship has been written in the stars for quite some time. Read on for the main reasons we all should have seen Lively’s squad initiation coming.

1. They are master bakers.

Some pals roam the aisles of Target together. Some dance in the club. Some watch Netflix. But these pals are more likely to be covered in flour, laughing, and sipping wine in the kitchen at 1 a.m., all while waiting for for their apple pie crust to rise. Anyone who follows Lively and Swift on social media knows exactly what we’re talking about.

Exhibit A: That time Lively made Beyoncé a bee-themed birthday cake.

Exhibit B: That time Swift tweeted about Anne Burrell’s chocolate chip cookie recipe.

2. They make life look like a photoshoot.

Both women have a distinct sense of style, and they’re not afraid to share it on the regular.

Exhibit A: Swift is known for “that red lip, classic” look – you know, the one she sings about in her hit “Style.”

Exhibit B: Lively’s fashion prowess has only become more supreme since she gave birth to daughter James in December 2014.

3. They have exquisite taste in men.

This one doesn’t require much explanation.

Exhibit A: Swift’s boyfriend, Calvin Harris, 31.


Exhibit B: Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, 39.


Just think – this might be the beginning of a friendship for the ages.

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