Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images

Taylor Swift is no stranger to giving back.

The announcement late Tuesday night that Swift was donating $1 million to the victims of the Louisiana floods was met with high praise – but likely very little surprise.

Since the start of her career, Swift has continuously donated money to a long list of causes ranging from orchestras to fans in need, and while it hasn’t been the smoothest of sailing for Swift in the public eye lately, the singer, 26, still literally puts her money where her mouth is and continues to support several causes.

Here’s a look at why she’s been named Do Something’s Most Charitable Celebrity for the last four years.

1. She donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony for her 24th birthdayWell, this is certainly not the way most 24-year-olds celebrate their birthday. Swift donated $100,000 to the struggling Nashville Symphony in 2014 after they nearly had to close their doors and had to make major pay cuts to their musicians’ salaries. And it wasn’t the only time she helped out a symphony – Swift also donated $50,000 to the Seattle Symphony Orchestra in 2015 after hearing a recording of one of their performances. She wrote a letter to their music director saying it reminded her of the times she saw her local symphony with her grandmother when she was younger.

2. She donated $500,000 to the 2010 Nashville flood reliefAfter floods devastated the city she called home in 2010, Swift donated half a million dollars to the relief efforts that claimed the lives of 20 people. Her donation was announced during a telethon set up by country singer Vince Gil.

3. She also pledged $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame to fund the Taylor Swift Education CenterSwift clearly cares a lot about her hometown. Her whopping 2012 donation of $4 million dollars to the Country Music Hall of Fame established the Taylor Swift Education Center, which opened its doors in 2014. Located in the Hall of Fame, the Center provides programs for children in the area and promotes music education.

4. She gave $250,000 to Kesha to help with legal feesAfter facing criticism for not speaking out in support of Kesha during the singer’s her lawsuit against Dr. Luke, Swift donated $250,000 to Kesha to help with her legal fees. Of course, the whole thing sparked a seemingly one-sided feud with Demi Lovato, who felt Swift wasn’t doing enough, but Kesha’s mom tweeted her thanks for Swift and her show of support.

5. She raised $ 750,000 through her Speak Now Help Now benefit concertWhen one of Swift’s backup dancers on her Speak Now World showed her photos of the 2011 tornadoes affecting the South, the singer came up with a way to help the victims. She opened the doors to her final dress rehearsal for the Speak Now tour in Nashville and vowed to donate all proceeds made to the victims of the tornadoes. She ended up raising $750,000 through the concert.

6. She donated $50,000 to NYC Public SchoolsAfter penning “Welcome to New York” as the city became her home in the lead up to the release of 1989, Swift thanked NYC for its hospitality by donating proceeds from the song to its public schools.

7. She has donated to various Go Fund Me campaignsGo Fund Me has become a frequently visited site for Swift. She donated $10,000 dollars to an autistic boy’s efforts to get a service dog after his big sister and cousin made a cover of Swift’s hit song, “Blank Space.” Swift also donated $50,000 to her backup dancer’s young nephew battling cancer after he posted a link to the site asking for donations on Instagram.

And after donating $50,000 to another fan battling cancer in 2015, the site actually updated its policy to allow for contributions that high. It also revealed that Swift has donated more money than any other donor in the site’s history.

8. She surprised two different fans with checks for $1,989But above all, Swift always takes care of her fans. 2014 became known as the second coming of the year 1989 after Swift named her album after her birth year – and her fans got the most out of it.

She frequently sent fans care packages filled with goodies and heartfelt notes through Thanksgiving and Christmas of that year and Valentine’s Day of the following, officially changing the holidays to “Swiftmas.”

And when one fan got her care package, it came with a check for $1,989 to help pay for her student loans. Swift surprised another fan with a check after FaceTiming the college student unexpectedly one morning and pledging $1,989 to his efforts to raise money for the University of Connecticut’s annual dance marathon benefitting the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.