The 9 Greatest Revelations from Taylor Swift's Concert Film

#1: Not all of her guests were planned out months in advance

Photo: Courtesy TAS Rights Management

If the only thing you want for Christmas this year is to see Taylor Swift’s world tour again, well, merry Swiftmas.

Swift’s concert film, The 1989 World Tour Live, dropped Sunday on Apple Music, and it’s a glorious trip down memory lane for the Swifties who scored tickets to one of the 85 shows on her recently wrapped tour. (And if you missed her when she swung by your town – even better.)

The two-hour video, filmed in November at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium, is also interjected with lots of behind-the-scenes commentary and revelations from Swift herself. Fans get an up-close peek at the tour, including the many, many surprise guests who graced her stage. We learned that …

1. ‘Blank Space’ is her favorite.

Calling the song one of her highlights from the show each night, Swift said she and her team sought to replicate the perfectly theatrical music video on the 1989 stage.

2. Finding her signature surprise guests for her shows wasn’t all that hard.

“Getting people to say yes to come out onstage was a lot easier than I thought,” she says in the film. “It really showed me how many artists out there love what they do so much that they are willing to get up and play because it’s fun.”

3. But she didn’t think Justin Timberlake would say yes.

“Of course I invited him out, but I did not expect him to say yes,” she recalls in the behind-the-scenes look at their L.A. duet to his song “Mirrors.” (The true highlight of this scene is when we catch a glimpse at their rehearsal, in which Timberlake tells Swift he hasn’t “done pyro in years” – since his ‘NSYNC days.)

4. Not all of her guests were planned out months in advance.

Her dad’s friend spotted Mick Jagger out at lunch in Nashville … and the rest is history. And John Legend was just attending her concert as an audience member when they decided to duet. You know, casually, 40 minutes before showtime.

5. However, some of her guest performances were planned very carefully, with nail polish bottles.

One throwback clip shows Swift meticulously using nail polish bottles to stage-block her June show in London, where she was joined by squad members like Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. While explaining the catwalk plans to Kloss, she used the bottles to show where each supermodel bestie would strut, as one does. (Bonus: We get to check out Karlie Kam, a.k.a. the footage Kloss documented of her backstage view; we are forever grateful.)

6. The first question she asks all of her guests is …

“What color do you want the audience to be?” Swift, of course, is referring to the color-changing light-up bracelets each fan was gifted upon entry to her concert.

7. This tour was truly all about the squad.

“I feel like this tour and this album and this phase of my life have been about inclusivity. Doing it on my own, but doing it with friends,” she says. (Case in point: Look at how many people she shared the stage with!) “It’s incredible how many performers are so gracious with their time,” she adds. “It made a lot of people happy.”

8. She was inspired to make 1989 after losing the Grammy for Red

“I ended up going home thinking a lot about everything, thinking about where I was going, what I’d been doing, how I felt like I needed to change something,” she said of her album of the year loss. “I went to bed, and I woke up at 4 in the morning, and I knew what the next album needed to be … Everything about this new phase and this new chapter has to be different.”

9. Her future plans involve … carbs. Lots of carbs.

“I want to learn CPR. Maybe a mixology class. I want to learn how to, like, make a good drink,” she says in the post-credits commentary. “Maybe I’ll just eat carbs and nothing else for the next couple of months. I don’t have to wear any crop tops.”

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