The united father-daughter duo dance at the Hollywood Arts Center for at-risk young adults

Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty

Their father-daughter relationship was torn by run-ins with the law and battles with addiction. For a while, they didn’t even speak to each other – for 25 years.

But now, two years after Tatum and Ryan O’Neal reconnected following the death of his longtime love, Farrah Fawcett, they were able to put their differences aside – and put on their dancing shoes – to reach out to those in need at the Hollywood Arts Center for homeless and at-risk young adults.

“My dad loves to dance. He’s been dancing since I remember,” Tatum, 47, says in a preview of the finale of their OWN show, Ryan and Tatum: The O’Neals. “So it was great to see him dance because he’s quite a good dancer.”

The dad-daughter duo embraced their inner free spirits and grooved to the music, chanting, “Feel nothing.”

“I was both sweaty and winded at once,” Ryan, 70, says in the clip, “which is my way of having a good time.”

The O’Neals recently ran into more legal drama when Ryan’s son with Fawcett, Redmond, was arrested Aug. 2 for heroin possession. He is being held without bail until a hearing Aug. 24.