Semisonic drummer Jacob Slichter described the video as "really powerful"


Employees of a recently-shuttered Canadian Target created a lasting tribute to their workplace Tuesday by quietly being pulled through the store on a cargo cart while singing Semisonic‘s deathless 1998 hit “Closing Time.”

The ad hoc group is composed of trained vocalist Liam McDonald, percussionist/drummer Evan Holbein and guitarist Kyle Vanderberg. They’re pulled slowly – mournfully, one could say – through the store by Brady Zomer (left) and Liam “Skip” Kelly on the right and filmed by Eric Deibert.

The one-take video gained the approval of at least one high-profile source: Semisonic drummer Jacob Slichter, who told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune he found the video “really powerful.”

“That slow walk through the empty store and the sounds of things being loaded in the background. I really hope these guys find jobs.”

And a Target spokesman said Wednesday that executives were “pleased to see the positive reaction.”

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