Taraji P. Henson is the next in our seven days of beauties countdown

By Kate Hogan
April 17, 2017 08:30 AM


She was a universal pick for best dressed/most glamorous/just all around gorgeous at the 2017 Oscars, though Taraji P. Henson admits it “took me a while to get on the chic bus,” she once told Harper’s Bazaar. “I was coming from the era of Lil’ Kim and Mary J. Blige, you know, ghetto fabulous. I came from nothing, I was deprived all my life, so when you get money, you go big!”

That larger-than-life aesthetic — and-larger-than-life personality — is just part of why Henson, 46, is number six in our seven days of beauties, leading up to the reveal of PEOPLE’s 2017 World’s Most Beautiful woman on Wednesday, April 19.

Williams+Hirakawa /Trunk Archive

In an empowering speech at the 2016 Women In Film Crystal + Lucy Awards in Los Angeles, the Empire star reminded the crowd, “We’re all we got, ladies. If we don’t support each other, who will?” She added to PEOPLE, “Know your voice is important, and fight until it’s heard. That’s what I did.” Her regular reminders to women that “you have a voice” exemplify her beautiful spirit.

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