The party girl takes a break from Taradise to talk about Mr. Right

By Laura Hahn Todd Peterson
August 22, 2005 10:00 AM

Professional party girl Tara Reid is not opposed to settling down, she told PEOPLE this weekend in London – the ninth stop on her whirlwind tour of hotspots for Taradise, the 13-episode series that debuted this month on E! Entertainment Television.

“We’ve met a lot of nice guys on the show,” the American Pie star said Friday, playfully smiling with her pal and stylist, Karen Clarkson. “But we haven’t met any husbands yet!”

So is she on a hunt for Mr. Right? “Well no. But if he bumps into me, I’m not going to say no,” she joked.

If Mr. Right comes along, he’d better make it quick: Reid’s been on a whirlwind tour so frenzied that the name of her television show wasn’t even set until right before its debut.

Originally slated to be called Wild on Tara in the continuing E! Wild On series, the name was scrapped at the last minute in favor of Taradise. So far Reid has visited the Greek island of Mykonos; Pamplona, Spain; Athens and Monaco, among other spots. E! is airing episodes each night this week.

But even though Reid has been hitting the clubs like it’s her job – well, it is her job – meeting men can be tough, said Reid.

“We have been so busy. This schedule makes it really difficult to meet people,” she added as she arrived in the VIP section of London’s trendy nightclub Movida. “It’s hard for people to even get to you. Even if there is a great guy, it’s hard for him to get to me before he’s pushed away by a bodyguard.”

Reid, who turns 30 in November, revealed that she rarely hits the dance floor with a partner. “Most guys don’t ask me,” she told PEOPLE.

The New Jersey native admitted she was a bit tired since arriving in London last Sunday, but she’s ready to keep partying. “Today I was a little tired, but I took a nap, so I feel better. I’m ready for a good time tonight,” she said.