The actress and her new husband, Zack Kehayov dressed in white for their wedding in Greece

By Rennie Dyball
August 16, 2011 12:55 PM
Credit: Splash News Online

Meet Mr. Tara Reid!

A newly released photo shows the actress and her new husband, Zack Kehayov, wearing smiles – and head-to-toe white – at their wedding in Greece, which the actress announced via Twitter on Sunday.

And like any newly-married woman, the American Pie star was eager to show off her love.

In a series of photos posted on her Twitter Monday night, Reid, 35, shared pictures of herself with her new man (she announced that they were engaged, married and that she loves being a wife all in the same day) and what appears to be rose petals in the shape of a “T” and a “Z.”

Reid recently ended her relationship with Michael Lilleund, a Danish businessman.