11-Year-Old College Graduate: 'This Isn't Much of a Big Deal to Me'

At 11, Tanishq Abraham is already well on his way to accomplishing his dream of becoming a doctor


Tanishq Abraham, 11, graduated from American River College in Sacramento, California, on Wednesday, KCRA Sacramento reports.

“This isn’t much of a big deal to me,” said Abraham, who graduated with a 4.0 and three associate’s degrees just one year after Today reported that he had successfully completed California’s early-exit high school exam.

Although Abraham said some of his fellow graduates were “intimidated” by him, “a lot were really happy that there was a kid in their class.” He crossed the stage wearing a colorful scarf knit by his grandmother. Fittingly, “2 Infinity and Beyond” was written on top of his cap.

ARC officials aren’t yet completely positive that Abraham is the school’s youngest graduate ever, but “he was definitely the youngest this year,” college spokesman Scott Crow told NBC Bay Area.

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The whiz kid joined Mensa International at the age of 4 and began taking classes at ARC when he was 7. Abraham’s 9-year-old sister Tiara is on a similarly prodigious path: She’s also a member of Mensa and started taking college classes at age 7, too.

Their mother Taji told KCRA that “even in kindergarten [Tanishq] was pretty ahead, a few years ahead – and then it just went from there.”

Next up for Abraham: getting his M.D. He told KCRA that he wants to become a doctor and medical researcher and, eventually, the president of the United States. He echoed these plans on Twitter on Wednesday, adding that he hopes to earn a Nobel Prize along the way.

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