"It is awesome that all these people come together for these two homeless old people," said the bride, Evelyn

By Caitlin Keating
Updated April 05, 2016 02:30 PM
Courtesy WFLA

A couple from Tampa who had been homeless for nearly three years strived to get back on their feet and start a better life together.

On Friday, that dream came true – and then some.

When the owners of Cross Creek Ranch in Dover, Florida, heard about Evelyn and Rocky, who lived in a wooded area in South Tampa and had been a couple for 22 years, they offered their wedding services for free.

“This is a dream come true and everybody that has did all this it has just been a dream come true,” Evelyn told WFLA.

A dress and tux were donated to the bride and groom while others gave flowers, food and drinks for all the guests.

“It has been so moving to see how excited they are and it has been as much a gift for myself, my husband and our staff as much as it is for them,” Cross Creek Ranch owner Bonnie McSharry told the news outlet.

Daniel McDonald, the Tampa Police homeless liaison officer, was key in organizing the event.

“We do have a lot of challenges working with the homeless, so it is nice to have a victory like this. It is nice to see them happy and starting a new chapter in their life,” McDonald told WFLA.

Rocky couldn’t be happier.

“We look forward to a new life, to start over, that’s about all I can say: It is going to be a start over,” he says.

The couple had another reason to celebrate on their special day.

The day before the wedding they were given keys to their new apartment, available via Tampa’s Housing and Urban Development’s Continuum of Care program.

“It is awesome that all these people come together for these two homeless old people,” Evelyn gushed.