When doctors said they couldn't do any more, "for just about a minute I felt sorry for myself," she says

May 31, 2007 11:20 AM

Less than a month since Tammy Faye Messner announced that her “doctors have stopped trying to treat the cancer” that has spread through her system, she says, “I have really wonderful days, and I have really bad days.”

In an interview with TV’s Entertainment Tonight from her North Carolina home, Messner, 65, says, “I would say I’m in pain almost 100 percent of the time. My back hurts, so I had to go to a wheelchair. And I have a very bad tummy all the time.”

Messner, who is receiving hospice care as well as being looked after by her daughter, Tammy Sue, (whose father is Rev. Jim Bakker), also tells of being informed by her doctors that there was no further medical treatment that would help her.

“When they said there’s nothing more we can do, for just about a minute I felt sorry for myself, had my little pity party,” she says. “Then I said, ‘I’ve got somebody bigger than the doctors, I know the Lord, Jesus Christ, and he can do something for it.’ He’s the only one that can, and so I just trust Him every day.”

First diagnosed with colon cancer in 1996, Messner announced in 2004 that the disease had spread to her lungs. When she was forced to undergo additional rounds of chemotherapy in 2005, Messner told PEOPLE she was using humor to cope. “During radiation, I did not lose my hair, but I lost my eyelashes. Which is the funniest thing in the world to me, because it’s my trademark,” she said.

She has yet to give up hope. On her Web site, according to ET, Messner writes: “Today I want you to remember: You can’t go forward, looking in the rear view mirror, yesterday is gone, you cannot put a broken egg back together again so don’t spend your energy trying.

“Today is all we have so live it fully,” she continues. “Tomorrow may not come, we are not promised tomorrow. Princess Di thought she had many tomorrows, John Kennedy Jr. thought he had many tomorrows, Marilyn Monroe thought she had many tomorrows, Sonny Bono thought he had many tomorrows, Selena thought she had many tomorrows. So we must make today count, make today the best day of your life.”

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